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Favorite Links
The Secret of Urusei Yatsura
this is a site set up by a former member of the official uy club. this page containes
cut seens form uy movies and imformation on the offical fan club.
this site has all the music from the movies and ova's great site.
Tomobiki-cho The Urusei Yatsura Web Site
features a character guide, episode information, images, and much more

Urusei Yatsura - Lum's Imperial Palace
Check out this fan's homage to the character Lum for dozens of images from the anime, plus video clips, sounds, and fan fiction.

Rei's Urusei Yatsura (The Oni Domain)
Rei's Urusei Yatsura Oni Domain! The BEST Urusei Yatsura page on the NET! ROMS! MP3S! Even STREAMING UY VIVOS! Created by Capsul 001. Owned by Rei! The dull oni boy.

Tomobiki High School
one of my favorite sites

these pages are dedicated to just one carater of the series.

Urusei Yatsura - Darling!
Shrine to the Ataru Moroboshi includes images and facts about the character, plus profile of the women and men in his life.

Poor Little Rich Boy
Dedicated, of course, to our sword-wielding maniac, the richest boy on the planet. [insert fanfare here] Mendou Shuutarou! What d'you mean, you're not impressed? Bah.

To Mendou with Love
The ultimate (and only) shrine to Mendou, the best Rumiko Takahashi guy...with lots of manga pics of all the characters.

more to come so keep looking!!!